The Lab at Hard Histories

Spring 2021 Student Projects

Click the following links to view projects that undergraduates created in Hard Histories’ spring 2021 lab research course, taught by Hard Histories Project Director Martha S. Jones.

StudentTitle/TopicLink to Project
Kevin LamonicaReconstruction in Baltimore: Exploring education in Baltimore City and broader Maryland to contextualize the gift of Johns HopkinsSutori timeline
James MorrisonSegregation at the Baltimore City AlmshouseYouTube video
Olivia MorseKelly Miller & Black Intellectualism: Years at HopkinsPowerPoint presentation
Ariella ShuaSegregated transportion / Maryland Transportation Cases Website

c. 1920. Kelly Miller was a prominent figure in American intellectual life. He was the first Black student to attend Johns Hopkins University, pursuing a graduate degree in Mathematics beginning in 1887. He completed his graduate training at Howard University, where he served as a professor and dean for many years; Johns Hopkins University, Sheridan Libraries, Ferdinand Hamburger University Archives photograph collection, item 06302. Photograph located at Hopkins Retrospective website, also featured in Olivia Morse’s PowerPoint presentation.