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Matt Palmer is a graduate from Rockland Community College and recently Johns Hopkins University with a major in History and a minor in Latin American studies. Their work in Hard Histories centered around the educational opportunities and expected outcomes the Johns Hopkins Hospital Colored Orphan Asylum staff had for enrolled girls. Matt enjoyed the Hard Histories project as a gateway into how powerful public history can be and the useful historical questions it can generate. Before grad school, they would like to explore how public history can intersect with ARCGIS software and their passion for 19th century Mexican development history. In their spare time, Matt enjoys practicing their Spanish and running.


Matt participated as a panelist in the following Hard Histories webinar (link to YouTube video):

Substack Posts:

Matt wrote the following guest posts on the Hard Histories Substack (links to posts):

Spring 2023 Research Lab Final Poster:

Matt Palmer's research lab poster on the Johns Hopkins Hospital Colored Orphan Asylum from Dr. Martha S. Jones' spring 2023 research lab class